• Attending Mental Health

    Can specific psychological skills education, adapted for paramedicine assist the development of paramedics when attending to mental health presentations.

  • Introduction

    Research tells us that paramedics find patients presenting with mental health concerns one of the more challenging patient groups and paramedics are often unsure of their role or how to have beneficial interactions with these patients. The literature also suggests training and education leaves paramedics, and in particular, paramedic students unprepared for how to help this patient cohort. Lead researcher Nick has been a paramedic for seven years and is currently studying to be a psychologist. His research aims to investigate if specific education based on key psychological skills, adapted for paramedics, can help paramedic students in their future careers when attending to mental health presentations. 

    The Aim

    Can a short and targeted education program improve paramedic students’ ability to have more beneficial interactions with patients presenting with mental health problems?

    Why is this Important?

    As patients with mental health problems are an increasingly common patient presentation for paramedics, it is important that paramedic students have the right knowledge and skills to interact with this patient cohort. 

    Further Information?

    For more information about this study and to register please visit  https://researchsurveys.deakin.edu.au/jfe/form/SV_0DIKmcLja1KVpIy?Q_CHL=qr


    Or if you are wanting to learn more about what participation looks like, please visit this youtube video where Nick explains the short and easy steps that are involved in being part of the study.


    This study has received Deakin University ethics approval (reference number: HEAG-H 55_2022).



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