Reflections on Service

· Lived Experience,Professional

 Words by Sam Fehlauer 


There is no higher honour than to be given the responsibility to care for another human being. 


As I reflect on my 18 years of service to our community, I still firmly believe it's not about the milestones but the moments. 


Moments of a newborn’s first breath, or the last while holding a hand of a palliative care patient. It's everything in between. 


I'm fortunate to have worked and trained alongside some of the most phenomenal and skilful individuals in the state. 


Mentors such as Steve and Tash took me under their wing at the tender age of 12 and continue to influence me as an adult today. 


No matter how challenging, dark or “sticky” moments or jobs became, they were there, remaining a beacon of light. 


I made an oath to return that favour and hope my actions influence others to the same standard. 


I encourage my network to never to shy away from becoming a mentee, or if an opportunity permits become that mentor. 


We learn so much in both instances.