Reset: A Paramedic Poem

· Poem,Lived Experience

Poem By Stephanie Nixon ACParamedic


We slide in, we shut the door,

They tell us, patients on the floor.

We flick the lights and noise ,

We breath to take our poise.


Comms statics, there are hands on chest,

We know they will do their best.

We discuss our patient care approach,

Airway, breathing, circulation we broach.


How we will run the call,

Unlike all the others we have seen before.

We distance our thoughts from the age,

Knowing this little girl is too young for this stage.


We know our drugs, procedures, and strategy,

But what we can never prepare for is thesheer tragedy.

A life suspended in space,

Waiting for the saving grace.


We arrive and inside we hall,

All the gear we need for the call.

We move ourselves into prime position,

These calls are always a startling mission.


The screams from those around,

As they watch completely spellbound.

We take her lifeless figure,

We need to reconfigure.


Into the ambulance we go,

The world seems so peaceful with the snow.

There is only so much we can do on the streets out here,

We drive to a place that’s thankfully near.


We whisk her into a resus bay,

We step back to say what we need to say.

We help while they get their groove,

And know now it is our time to move.

To clean the rig and reset it all,

Ready for the inevitable next call.