• Clinical Skills Seminars

    Forget the formal lecture-style settings!!


    We learn the most while we are relaxed so that is the way we run our seminars.


    The aim of our clinical skills seminars is to create a space where clinician and students can get together and develop their core skills as a group of professionals.


    You can check out our current skills seminars below

    Fundamentals of Pre-Hospital Care (FPC+)

    This two day course is a series of high-fidelity simulations that aims to review the fundamental principles of high-quality care.

    Difficult Airway Skills and Management

    This is a one day seminar run by experienced critical care paramedics with managing difficult airways.

    Field Suturing & Wound Closure Workshop

    This is a one day seminar that introduces wound closure techniques during prolonged field care.

    Access (IM,IV,IO) Workshop/ Refresher

    This is a one day seminar that covers the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of routes of access including IM,IV,IO.

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