• Wellbeing Series

    The Shift Extension team are delighted to offer a wellbeing series aimed at refreshing, rejuvenating and restoring our emergency worker colleagues. These offerings are simply to provide an opportunity for anyone feeling like their mental health is being impacted by an imbalance between work stress and their personal life.

    Please see below some options for our wellbeing series.


    Mindfulness in the Mountains

    Do you like the sound of spending three days in a mountain retreat, recharding the mind while earning CPD through gentle but important topics with at least two hours per day to hike through the wildlands? Express your interest below!

    Breathe Easy Yoga


    For those less inclined to walk through the mountains, this yoga retreat offers the opportunity to partake in three daily yoga sessions while experiencing the comfort of the resport, while accruing valuable CPD.

    Simmer Down & Surf


    Or if you have salt water cursing though your viens, recharge and earn CPD here. Delivered by qualified surf instructors who also work for the emergency services this is a supportive surf therapy experience.

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