• Clinical Guideline Manifesto

    The Clinical Guideline Manifesto is a series of posters analysing and comparing the ten (10) Australasian jurisdictional ambulance service guidelines.



    Approximately two-thirds of paramedics in Australasia currently work for a jurisdictional service where their practice is, with varying levels of stringency, regulated by clinical guidelines.


    Awareness of diversity among guidelines is beneficial in:

    • Encouraging clinicians and services to be aware of alternative treatments, and in turn to continually re-evaluate their own practice against evidence.
    • Encouraging individuals to acknowledge the validity of other treatment options, rather than viewing their local guidelines as a sole source of accuracy, and consequently to continually question and improve their own practice. 
    • Encouraging academic institutions using local services’ guidelines as a sole resource for undergraduate courses to look more broadly at paramedic practice across Australasia. 
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    The Complete Manifesto 2023

    Special Edition - Volume 7

  • Method

    All of the ten jurisdictional ambulance services have open access Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). The content was extracted by registered paramedics, with oversight from senior lecturers in paramedicine. Scope of practice was classified as ‘Paramedic’ (undergraduate degree, represented by a ✓), ‘Intensive Care Paramedic’ (intensive care postgraduate degree), ‘Extended Care Paramedic’ (primary care postgraduate degree), or ‘Specialist’ (all other advanced roles, e.g. Retrievalist). Routine cares were omitted for brevity.


    We believe this to be one of the first times an analysis and comparison of multiple CPGs across Australiasia has been conducted and published. This comparison does not review the peer-reviewed, published literature to determine current best practice in treatment. Consequently, no CPG is inferred to be superior or inferior to any other, nor that the most common treatment is necessarily optimal. This resource has been created purely as a resource for the paramedicine profession and to assist promote paramedic awareness of the current Australasian treatment options across the Australiasian JAS.