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  • The Shift Extension is a free-to-access, open-source publication that is committed to providing industry-relevant literature and information to enhance the development of the paramedicine profession through the sharing of information.


    It is designed to be an educational, fun, and encouraging place for paramedic & EMD writers and readers to share their experience, knowledge, and ideas with the paramedicine community, and is one of the few places that Australasian-based paramedics and EMDs are encouraged to write, share, and learn from each other.

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    Stories | Research | News | Opinions | Media

  • Background

    Regardless of their work environment, most paramedics and EMDs are unfortunately familiar with the rigors of shift extensions. From city and regional ambulance services to oil rigs, mine sites, film locations, events, and clinics, the very nature of paramedicine warrants working in unpredictable situations. 


    The Shift Extension is a brainchild of that time spent. A time when paramedics and EMDs are seeking something to read, reflect, write, share or discuss. The Shift Extension aims to be a publishing place that Australasian-based paramedics and EMDs are encouraged to write, share, collaborate and learn from each other.

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