• Fundamentals of Pre-Hospital Care

    Skills and Drills

  • Course Description

    A practical one-day course that provides an opportunity for clinicians to practice and improve their emergency clinical skills. Across all settings, emergency skills are infrequently used yet essential to our practice. The course allows students to refresh their patient assessment and management skills in a safe and controlled environment.

    Skills and Drills

    Primary survey.

    Trauma assessment.

    Haemorrhage control.

    Airway management.

    Non - Invasive ventilation.

    Vascular access (IV/IO/IM).

    Drug preparation.


    Optimising your environment.

    High quality resuscitation.

    Movement and extrication.

    Cognitive tools - Pause, communicate, plan, re-assess.





  • Who should do this course?

    FPC is aimed at graduates, paramedics, military medics, private sector medics as well as nurses and doctors who work in an out of hospital environment.


    FPC meets the 8 hours of interactive CPD required for paramedics. All participants will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

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    Places are limited.

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