• Paramedic Preceptor Award

    The Paramedic Preceptor of the Year Award is an award that honours paramedic preceptors who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in clinical education as a mentor, teacher and instructor. The Shift Extension awards one Paramedic Preceptor each year for their outstanding contribution to developing paramedics and paramedicine through teaching, training, mentoring, advocacy, support, and guidance.

    Do you have a fantastic preceptor you would like to nominate for the Paramedic Preceptor of the year? See the eligibility criteria and the nomination process below.


    We encourage tiered mentoring, thus there is no specific duration of experience required for a preceptor nomination, however, any nominated person must be 18 years or older at the time of the award date.
    The person must be engaged in health care delivery, health care research or health care education.
    This award is not bound by one paramedic discipline. All paramedic-related disciplines including emergency paramedicine, community paramedicine, private sector paramedicine, expedition medicine, humanitarian healthcare, paramedicine management, paramedicine research and paramedicine education will be considered.
    This award is not bound by physical geography. The nominated person can be located anywhere within the wilds of the earth.

    How to Nominate

    If you wish to nominate a preceptor, please use the link below.


    If the link is not working, please email the below information to hello@theshiftextension.org

    1. Your name, phone number, and email address
    2. Your nominee's name, phone number, and email address
    3. An alternate reference that we can contact
    4. A completed Selection criterion (100-200 words per section):
    • Selection Criteria 1: Demonstration of clinical leadership abilities
    • Selection Criteria 2: Demonstrated involvement in continued education for personal advancement and/or the advancement of others through teaching, presenting at conferences, preceptorship/mentoring.
    • Selection Criteria 3: Demonstrated long-term commitment to promoting health care education through community service, public safety education, injury and illness prevention programs, enhancements in patient care or safety of the emergency transport environment.
    • Selection Criteria 4: A statement (personal statement) detailing in your own words on why believe your nominee should be awarded.