• About

    The Shift Extension is a community based project that now includes:

    • A free-to-access, open-source industry journal
    • An industry relevent podcast
    • A research hub to support paramedic research
    • A series of clinical symposiums
    • Annual awards

    We are committed to providing industry-relevant information, content and literature to enhance the development of the paramedicine profession through the sharing of information. One of our main aims is to reduce the loss of important, yet unpublished paramedic literature, or the loss of hallway conversations that could impact the paramedic profession. Our goal is to capture this information and create a repository of short publications and podcasts that are considered valuable to the international paramedic community.


    Our editorial team and our contributors aim to deliver the latest and most reliable paramedicine information through paramedic experiences, case studies, research, clinical breakthroughs, management perspectives, equipment innovations, and advice. TSE also aims to encourage paramedics, EMDs and next-gen paramedics to write, speak, present and disseminate fun and engaging content through perspectives and storytelling to develop the paramedic culture within our profession.

  • Who?

    We are paramedics, educators, dispatchers, and students who want to hear from paramedics, students, dispatches, managers, team leaders, nurses, doctors, and anyone else who is in any way involved in the delivery of paramedic care, paramedic practice, emergency health care, community health care or ambulance care.


    The Shift Extension is a safe, educational, fun, and encouraging place for paramedic and EMD writers and readers to share their experience, knowledge, and community. It is one of the few places that Australasian-based paramedics and EMDs can come together to publish, share and learn from each other.

    When & Where?

    The benefit of being an online journal / magazine is that we can occupy any device with access to the internet and readers can access our content anywhere at anytime. During the long hours on shift, paramedics, and EMDs can access TSE content, and because we are a publish-on-demand model, we publish new content weekly.


    In 2020, it was identified that there were few places for Australasian EMDs and paramedics to write, publish and share their experiences. Particularly in the online space. There were even fewer places that would encourage and develop new paramedic writers. TSE was created to fill this gap as an independent paramedic led, paramedic publisher. 

  • Creative Commons

    All articles published by The Shift Extension - Paramedic Publishing are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This permits anyone to copy, redistribute, remix, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited. Whilst the authors retain the right to remove their work from this website, any downloaded copies of their work will remain licensed under creative commons.

  • Become a Contributor

    We have a team of dedicated paramedic-specific Developmental Editors who can act as a coach for any new writers to get their stories ready for publication. They will cheer you on and help you stay on track with the tone, structure, and audience. They will also challenge you to improve your writing and assist you to develop and improve your manuscript.