• Early Career Paramedical Writers Award

    The Shift Extension (TSE) supports the professional development of paramedic writers who develop health and paramedical content for the mainstream press, magazines, consumers and health professionals. In order to encourage aspiring paramedic writers to enter the field of paramedical writing, TSE awards an annual Early Career Paramedical Writers Award.


    • Paramedics with fewer than two years of experience in paramedical writing or fewer than five publications are encouraged to apply.
    • Applicants for the Early Career Paramedic Writer Award will be assessed on a piece of writing of approximately 1000 words.
    • Submissions should focus on a topic that is strongly related to paramedicine, emergency medicine, and/or primary healthcare.
    • Applicants must be the sole author of the work they submit (previously published pieces may be submitted).
    • Applicants must have published at least one article in The Shift Extension prior to applying.

    Judging criteria

    • Interest, appeal and relevance
    • Accuracy and objectivity
    • Originality
    • Writing ability

    How to Apply

    Applications for the 2022 Early Career Paramedical Writers Award are now open.


    All applications are to be made via email to hello@theshiftextension.org


    A soft copy (word document) of the article should be attached and the email body should detail:

    • The writer's full name, email, and phone number
    • The manuscript's title (and link if it has been previously published)
    • If they have any formal writing qualifications or any previous writing experience
    • Why they are interested in paramedical writing
    • Why they think it is important for paramedics to write and what role they see paramedical writers as having in our communities