• Acute Wound Care Course

  • Course Description


    The Acute Wound Care (AWC) course is a practical training opportunity for clinicians who provide care in an out of hospital setting. This 1- day course aims to review the fundamentals principles of both wound assessment and care.


    The course has been developed by senior paramedics, based on the lessons learnt during their service.
    The day will consist of a series of didactic lectures and skill demonstrations.


    Following this, participants will have an opportunity to put their learnings in practice by applying these skills to wound tissue.



    - Legal and ethical responsibilities
    - Anatomy of an acute wound
    - Considerations for wound location and mechanism of injury.
    - Non - invasive and invasive wound assessment
    - How to describe a wound for consultation
    - Wounds in the context of the environment
    - Wound cleaning
    - Closure considerations and techniques
    - Simple suturing
    - Concomitant treatment considerations (tetanus, antibiotics, analgesia)
    - Post treatment care, assessment, and disposition

    Learning Objectives


    • Understand the legal and ethical obligations of wound care and its relevance to a clinician’ s scope of practice.
    • Identify the anatomy of an acute wound and the structures involved, including skin, muscle, bone, nerve and blood vessels.
    • Perform a thorough wound assessment including the wound site and functionality of the distal tissues using invasive and non -invasive techniques.
    • Understand the implications of wound disposition based on mechanism of injury, wound location and involved structures.
    • Understand the implications of the surrounding environment on wound care, closure and disposition.
    • Articulate your assessment of the wound for consultation and handover
    • Perform wound irrigation and cleaning.
    • Perform local anesthesia of a wound site.
    • Understand the considerations for several closure technique.
    • Perform wound closure using dressings, glue, and sutures.
    • Understand the accompanying care required for acute wounds, such as tetanus, antibiotics and analgesia.

    Who should do this course?


    AWC is aimed at student paramedics, registered paramedics, military medics, private sector medics as well as nurses and doctors who work in an out of hospital environment.


    CPD Hours


    AWC meets the 8 hours of interactive CPD required for paramedics. All participants will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

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