• Project: That Was Close

    Collecting stories from paramedics who have been placed at considerable risk

  • The Aim

    This project aims to tell some amazing, unbelievable, and downright scary stories from the frontlines. We want to create a collection of short stories from paramedics who have found themselves inadvertent faced with significant danger, perilous situations, or involved in something that was downright scary. We will support them to tell their story which can sometimes assist in the healing process. Having access to these stories also allows other paramedics out there to assimilate their own experiences. This can further encourage others to speak openly about their experience and take action on mental health. 

    The Objective

    To publish an anthology that will not only preserve the historical accounts of paramedics who have inadvertently found themselves placed at considerable risk through their jobs, but also produce a book that shares the human experience of paramedicine.


    This is an ongoing project accepting submissions through 2021 - 2022. Please contact hello@theshiftextension.org if you wish to make an inquiry or a submission, and check the Privacy Policy.